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Digitalisation and CAD/CAM processing solutions continually launch new challenges and opportunities for dental laboratories wishing to achieve the most from their work with processes which mark the end of the wax knife and manual instruments.

Digital has the following benefits:

Less manual work and drastic reduction of each finishing stage;
Greater productivity and speed thanks to parallel scanning processes, modelling and production;
Reduced potential for human error therefore greater quality and accuracy;
• Potential for using new materials which can be added or removed and not using traditional working techniques.

Primarily an open solution with the following significant benefits for the laboratory:

• Exporting data in standard binary STL format, i.e. in a common format used by all processing centres, compatible with all latest generation design tools. This allows the laboratory to have several sites for production, and not an obligation to send the order to a single centre. With this system the milling unit can link itself to the laboratory exclusively, offering a high quality product in reasonable timescales, as well as having a suitable commercial arrangement. If these requirements are not met the laboratory can always decide to send its orders to another unit without having any compatibility issues. Exporting files in a free format also translates into greater consistency of instrumentation over time, as the hardware and software can be updated at any time, even using third-party products, which interface using the standard format, giving the manufacturing process greater potential.

Free management of the work, or the potential for designing with what the dental surgeon provides each time without compromising the quality of the final product and efficiency of the production process. Inexperienced users are able to benefit from the automated and guided interface, allowing them to be productive immediately. Gradually the knowledge of the tool increases the user’s choice, at zero cost, to use it freely thereby meeting the varied needs of its dentists or customers.

• Free implementation of dentures, implants, attachments and bars. Open Technologies offers instrument customisation configuring them for orders of individual laboratories. Where a component ordered is not already available our business develops what is needed to allow the laboratory to be able to meet the dentist or client’s requirements.

• Optional update fee. The laboratory is supplied with an unlimited license regardless of whether it has opted for its instrumentation to be kept updated by Open Technologies.
Intense and continual collaboration with a range of high standing laboratories with different production businesses throughout the national territory, our offer has been developed in order to allow the laboratory, including small (1-2 people), to manage all types of commission.
In order to offer high added value technology Open Technologies has developed a series of protocols and a system of working to guarantee extreme precision and repeatability on general work such as cemented arch dentures and especially large complete implants.
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