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clone scanner

Clone Scanner expands Open Technologies' 3d device family with the first real-time facial scanner. The last missing piece completing our solutions for any diagnostic requirement.

It allows the user to easily acquire a face in a matter of seconds. Its use is similar to a video camera: the user grabs the sensor and moves it framing the target.
The 3D model is displayed in real time on your monitor while completing your scan.      



    Power Supply   110/220V 50/60Hz
    Input – Output File Format   STL,OBJ, OFF, PLY, Curves and section in .Iges
    Accuracy (µm) 25
    Camera   Field of view: 200 mm
    Scanner Dimensions (cm) 33 x 19 x 19 
    Weight (Kg)   1.85 
    GPU Processing
    Connectivity   Gigabit Ethernet
    Periodic Calibration Control  
    Recalibration System  
    Color Scan  
  • Aesthetic planning on the basis of patient’s physiognomy
  • High accuracy and reliability
  • 180 degrees face capture (ear to ear)
  • Real color and textures acquisitions
  • Intuitive and ergonomic
  • Open file formats
  • Integrates in NeWay software environments
  • Low-intensity infrared technology for the safest possible process
  • Real time processing. As soon as the scan stops, resulting plygonal files are ready to be shown or exported


clone step1

Step 1 - Data acquisition.

3D Scan of patient physiognomy in different positions.

clone step2

Step 2 -Data registration.

3D scan of the patient with the Reference Bite placed.



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clone step3

Step 3 - Models acquisition.

Acquisition of the models with and without the Reference Bite.                                    

clone step4

Step 4 - Prothesis 3d modelling.

Direct 3D design of new elements according to the patient’s dental structure and aesthetic features.